Get More of What You Want from Your Business

“Every owner begins their business with a dream. I'm here to help you achieve yours.”

Alan Dinnie, licensed business broker and certified Value Builder™ advisor

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Get A Proven Plan
Increase Business Value
Enjoy More Freedom

“By building a more valuable business, you gain the freedom to run your business if you like, turn it into a passive income generating asset, or sell it to the highest bidder.”

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Are you overwhelmed trying to build a valuable business?

  • You guess instead of following a proven process
  • You’re stressed and burnt out
  • You worry about your future
  • You run the risk that your business will not sell*
*Statistically up to
7 out of 10
businesses listed for sale will not sell.

The Value Builder System™ Will Save You Time, Energy and Frustration

Get a proven plan for growing your business

Build a business that's not so reliant on you

Gain confidence in your future

Say goodbye to stress and uncertainty

Enjoy more flexibility and control

Have more time for the things that matter

"The Value Builder System transformed my business. Highly recommended!"

John Smith

CEO of ABC Company

"Thanks to the Value Builder System, my business is more valuable than ever. A game-changer!"
Business owner

Sarah Johnson

Founder of XYZ Enterprises

"The Value Builder System gave me a clear roadmap to maximise my business's value. Worth every penny!"
Business owner

Michael Anderson

Owner of DEF Solutions

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“I've worked with hundreds of business owners and have seen their struggles and challenges. That’s why when I discovered the Value Builder System™, I saw a genuine opportunity to help business owners improve the value of their business.”
Alan Dinnie

Building A Valuable Business Shouldn’t Be So Hard

This proven system has given thousands of business owners an actionable plan to achieve their goals and fill them with inspiration, confidence, and reassurance.

After all, you’ve worked hard to build your business and you deserve to be rewarded.

How To Manage The Emotions Of Building A Business

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Watch The Courses
On Demand Modules

Watch The Courses

Get unrestricted access to 12 modules and apply the information you learn directly to your business.

Strategise And Execute
Live Monthly Coaching

Strategise and Execute

Every month I’ll hold live chats with you, where I’ll coach you on a crucial aspect of preparing your business and answer your questions.

Transform Your Business
Professional Development Plan

Transform Your Business

I’ll guide you step-by-step through a professional development plan and provide instant feedback on your progress.

Value Builder Score Report

Build To Sell

"The Value Builder System has been one of the best investments we have made in terms of improving the business and increasing its value"

James Grey CEO

Grey & Sons Fresh Produce Pty Ltd

Small businesses in Australia

The Stakes Are Too High To Leave Your Future to Chance

Unfortunately, many business owners find out that their business is worth much less than they expected when it's too late. And the fallout can be dire.

Retirement is postponed because the owner has no choice but to work longer

Plans are compromised because the business is not worth what the owner expected

The owner continues to be a slave to the business for years to come

Owner wastes time and energy trying unproven ideas to get their business to the next level

Owner is forced to sell due to ill health and at a much lower price

Organisational culture suffers, and employees leave

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Prepare Now.
Enjoy The Rewards Later.
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Prepare Now.
Enjoy The Rewards Later.

You’re 3 Steps From A Valuable, Sellable Business

Take Positive Action to Create Your Better Future.

Have You Ever Wished For A Trusted Advisor Who Could Guide You To Success?

It's easy to feel isolated as a business owner and to be uncertain about the direction you're moving in. That's why I will be by your side and guide you every step of the way. As a strategic partner, I’ll work as a sounding board for ideas and provide advice based on the proven Value Builder model.
Ready to find out how to increase the value of your company by as much as 71%?
Alan Dinnie, Certified Value Builder

Are You Running Your Business Without An Exit Plan?

One hundred percent of business owners exit their businesses - either by design or by default.

A concerning statistic is that up to 70% of businesses listed for sale will not sell.

Study Shows Why Many Business Owners Can't Sell When They Want To

“…..many owners probably won’t be able to sell their businesses when they’re ready, because they’re not taking critical steps toward a transition or toward getting the full value of the enterprise” Christopher Snider, president and CEO of the Exit Planning Institute.

Planning to Sell Your Business? Watch For These Blind Spots

"Business owners who fail to plan well in advance of selling their business can severely jeopardise their quality of life in their retirement because they overestimate their likelihood of selling and the complexity of the process..."

"I love The Value Builder System™ and working with my advisor, it's been a great experience and has literally transformed the company."
Steven Henderson

Steven Henderson

CEO, Henderson Data Solutions

"My Value Builder Advisor helped me increase my reoccurring revenue from 15% of total revenue to 75% of total revenue. All our expenses are now covered by re-occurring revenue."
John Christian Williams

John Christian Williams

CEO, JCW Creative

"Before I connected with my Value Builder Advisor, I was working 65+ hours a week trying to run my business...Now I only need to work 5 hours a week and my business is still growing."
Danny Sleswick

Danny Sleswick

CEO, Image Cabinets Pty LTD

The Rainmakers Dilemma: How Your Greatest Strength in Business Becomes A Debilitating Weakness

This free e-book provides valuable insights into the important role a business owner plays in the success of their business, but also how their role can inhibit further growth. It also offers a solution you can use to overcome this roadblock on your journey to a valuable business.

Which Pathway Are You Ready To Take?

I Want To Sell Now

Tap into my 14 years of business broking experience and my large database of buyers. I’ll use digital and traditional marketing to attract multiple buyers to compete on price for your business. Then, I’ll negotiate hard to get you a premium price.

Which Pathway Are You Ready To Take?

I Want To Sell Later

Now is the time to begin growing the value of your business, so when you are ready to sell, you attract more interest and secure a higher price. Business owners who work with a Certified Value Builder™ advisor such as myself have increased the value of their company by up to 35%, just in the first eight months.

I Want To Sell Later

I Want To Buy Now

I only list quality businesses; with most being independently valued and assessed on their sellability by the Value Builder System™. This is a proven methodology that makes businesses more valuable, saleable and, therefore, more buyable. So, you can have confidence in my business listings. Their structure. Their financials. Everything.

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