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The Value Builder System

The Value Builder Difference

I understand the stresses on both sides of a business sale. So, when I prepare a business for sale, it’s all about removing the uncertainty and risk for both the seller and the buyer. That means listing only businesses that have been vetted and are top performers with their finances & other assets in A+ condition.

FAQs: Buying A Business

Is The Business Independently Valued?

Yes. time is money, and I don’t want to waste yours or mine. That’s why on most occasions my listings have been subject to a professional business valuation by an independent licensed valuer. This provides peace of mind for you, thus allowing you to focus on assessing if the business is a good fit for you and your future plans.

Do You Provide A Certified Sellers Disclosure Statement?

Absolutely. The information we provide to qualified buyers is sensitive and includes a well-written Information Memorandum, relevant financials, leases and other information you need to make an informed decision. What’s more, I use a host of proven Value Builder™ tools to assess and benchmark every business I list. The Value Builder™ Sellability Score is a particularly helpful, objective measure of a business’s value and worth. As a qualified buyer, you’ll be able to access my Value Builder™ reports, giving you amazing insights into the business and removing much of the risk and doubt from your purchasing decision.

Can You Help Me Continue To Build The Business?

Yes. As a certified Value Builder™ advisor, I help business owners who want to sell their business to maximize the value and sale price of their business. And my advisory support is also available to buyers. The best time to begin preparing your business for sale is on the day you buy it. Using the Value Builder System™, which gives us a tried-and-tested framework for increasing profitability and building business value, I can work with you to set your business goals and provide a clear path to achieve them. 

Alan Dinnie, Certified Value Builder

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